Increase Your Youtube Video Views With This Powerful, Yet Little-Known Tip

How to improve your YouTube SEO

One method to get more eyeballs onto your YouTube videos is to improve the video's SEO, so that it ranks higher in search results, both on YouTube and Google's search engines. To do this, add relevant keywords to the video tags, title and description. But how do you know which keywords to add? A common way to find out is to use the YouTube auto suggest feature. By typing in a keyword into the search bar, YouTube will suggest other, similar keywords and phrases that may be appropriate to use.

Search suggestions without a wildcard
Without a wildcard

Here is a simple but great tip for improving your YouTube SEO. One limitation to using the autosuggest feature in this way is that the keyword you enter always appears at the beginning of the suggested phrase. However, often there are popular phrases, where the keyword you enter could appear in the middle or at the end of the phrase.

To find more keywords to potentially include in your video tags, title and description, use the search bar but add a star (*) before your keyword to act as a wildcard. This will show examples of phrases where your keyword appears at any point in the phrase.

Compare the search below to see an example of what I am describing.

Search suggestions with a wildcard
With a wildcard

I use this when researching SEO on all the videos on both of my channels.

I hope it helps you jump up the search result rankings and increase your views.

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20 April, 2020 by admin_drupal